All childcare establishments have policies and procedures in place to ensure that children are kept safe. They cover topics such as child protection, health, suitable persons, staff training, and safety and suitability of premises.

Safeguarding Policy

Partnership with parents and other agencies policy

Childrens rights and entitlements Policy

Employment Policy

First aid Policy

The role of the key person Policy

Staffing Policy

Infection control Policy

Administering medicines Policy

Looking after children who are sick, infectious or with allergies Policy

Nappy changing Policy

Food and drink Policy

Food hygiene Policy

Promoting positive behaviour Policy

Health and safety Policy

Maintaining children's safety and security on the premises Policy

Valuing diversity and promoting inclusion and equality Policy

Supporting children with SEND Policy

Admissions Policy

Confidentiality and client access to records Policy

Information sharing Policy

Making a complaint Policy

Notification of leaving Policy

Camera and image Policy

Privacy notice Policy

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Staff and Committee Members are have full access to the list of policies through our protected site.

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Ofsted Report

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